Map of Koh Lipe, Thailand

Koh Lipe is one of the smaller islands in the Butang Group, dwarfed by Koh Tarutao and Ko Adang. But Ko Lipe was settled many years ago by Chao Ley People aka Sea Gypsies. In recent years it has become an increasingly popular destination for beach activities and scuba diving. Scuba dive sites around the Butang Group are excellent.

From Thailand, boats leave from Pakbara Pier in Sathun Province

Koh Lipe is also popular with Malaysian tourists and is only a short boat ride from Langawi Island.

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Sunset Beach is popular with travelers who like a bit more privacy. The beach is on a small bay looking west, and as the name suggests, it's great for watching sunsets.

  • Accommodations consist of basic huts on the beach or bungalows among the trees.
  • You will be able to find some nice places to eat and drink in the area.
  • Walking Street and other beaches are within easy walking distance.

Sunrise Beach is an inviting expanse of white sand flanked by blue water with great snorkeling. The Chao Ley village, small hospital and school are located toward the north end of the beach.

  • The beach has a bit more room as accoms are not as tightly bunched as Pattaya Beach.
  • This used to be the budget neighborhood, but it's changing.
  • A few small restaurants and shops dot Sunrise Beach.

Pattaya Beach can get pretty busy during the high season. That's because it appeals to beach people and snorkelers alike. The strand along walking street has bars, shops and rooms.

  • A large sheltered bay with soft fluffy sand, clear water and outstanding snorkeling from the beach.
  • A wide range of accommodation, but recent trend is to more upmarket resorts.
  • Dozens of bars and restaurants on the beach or a few strides up Walking Street.